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......As delicate almost playful tapping continuously swaps places with massively-gorgeous, rolling, dynamic crescendos, dear Galliano has also peppered in moments of immeasurable faith and intensity throughout. Note how your heart stirs at 12:40, 24:15, 28:20, and 40:55....... (One Song)


Review of 'One Song' HERE (The Ark Of Music)


Review of 'One Song' HERE (Alice Neiley)


.....And for the first time in many months, too many months, I find myself leaning back, eyes closed, and just listening. I don’t want to write. I don’t want to think. I only want to listen, as the cascade at 6:45 brings me close to tears. This urgency continues a new theme, one of desperation and loss. A beautiful tragedy begins to unfold, and at 9:30 the tears come... (One Song 2)


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Review of 'One Song' HERE (NeuFutur Magazine)


Review of 'One Song 2' HERE (NeuFutur Magazine)


Review of 'One Song' 2 HERE (Alice Neiley)


......The subtle melancholy in the transition at 8:00 feels as though Sommavilla was trying to capture some divine insight into the music. Surely he’s seen something unexplainable, and here is his attempt to describe it.....(One Song 3)


Review of 'One Song 3' HERE (The Ark of Music)


.....A beautiful dance of sound. Stunning and emotive contrasts. Impeccable improvisational instincts and technique. Galliano Sommavilla’s fourth offering of the One Song saga, the dreamy and delicate, One Song 4, is the softest and most tender of this series; making it again the perfect complement to this day when we all need to be so patient and careful with one another..... (One Song 4)


Review of 'One song 4' HERE (The Ark Of Music)


.......Waterfalls at 2:05 form a peaceful landscape, a stream side, a hillside. A minute later, a flock of birds passes overhead, as the vision here becomes clear: we are listening to the conversation of Mother Nature....... (One Song 5)


Review of 'One Song 5' HERE (The Ark of Music)


Akademia Music Awards 'Artist Vision Award' HERE April 2020


Akademia Music Awards 'Executive Award'  HERE April 2019


Instrumental Ambient Artist of the Year Award  awarded to Galliano Sommavilla (Akademia Music Awards held @ the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California 21st April 2016)  Watch here Akademia Gala Video


Single reviews for 'Air and Water' and 'Ethereal Landscape' from new album 'Ethereal Landscape'  (HERE)


Album review 'An Ethereal Landscape' - Neu Futur Magazine (HERE)


.......Silky smooth production. Wildly chill. A relaxing step back. A deep breath in. A relaxing breath out. Galliano Sommavilla’s album—the one part electronic, one part chill, one part world—An Ethereal Landscape offers another side of this man’s ability to create respite through his music.

Combining rhythm structures which inspire and motivate, with melodies which relax and sooth, Sommavilla has successfully contributed to one our favorite genres here at The Ark of Music. Electronic, Chill, Instrumental, however you wish to describe or categorize, the album adds real substance to the class........

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'An Ethereal Landscape' - album review (Alice Neiley USA) HERE


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Album Review (Graham Strahle - Weekend Australian)  of "Breathe" (2018) HERE


Album Review (Alice Neiley-USA) of "Breathe" (2018) (pdf)


Album Review (Matthew Forss-USA) of "Welcome to my side of the World" (pdf)


.......Galliano’s latest release, a reissue, showcases the musical roots of Australia’s preeminent pianist and songwriter. The galloping melodies, punchy embellishments, incorporation of a few different instruments, and cross-genre compositions make Rain In My Bathtub sound very inviting. The bass, drum, and violin accompaniment works relatively well throughout. There are times when the drums are not too diverse, but it is not really a distraction or a negative. The piano is the real winner here. There are George Winston moments, as well as Tangerine Dream ones, too. The completely instrumental result is another good attribute. There are enough different songs on the album to provide a satisfactory listening experience. This is ideal for instrumental, jazz, new age, and piano fans all around the world......

Album Review (Matthew Forss-USA) of "Rain in my Bathtub" (pdf)


......Galliano Sommavilla’s new volume marks a pivotal achievement as something that is part of a musical journey from a year long task of creating new songs each day. Though daunting at times, the result is a very engaging, diverse, and fluid mix of world jazz, fusion, electronica, new age, and down-tempo/chill-out compositions that never go out of style or fade into oblivion. Galliano’s new recording could not have been made possible without Gary Ritchie on guitars, as well as Barry De Marco. 365 Vol. 9 Guitar and Keys is another keeper in the world of contemporary instrumental and down-tempo.......

Album review (Matthew Forss-USA) of "365" (original song a day for a year) Vol. 9 (pdf)


Album review (Alice Neiley) of "365" (original song a day for a year) Vol. 4 (pdf)


Album review (James McQuiston Neufutur) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 13 Favourites 


Chill Me Now - Song Review (Matthew Forss-USA)


Album Review (Dan Macintosh) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 18 Chill'd


Chill Me Now - Music Video Review (James McQuiston Neufutur)


....Galliano Sommavilla’s incredible musical endeavor “365 Original Songs in a Year” is a phenomenal concept and creative feat. From May 6, 2013 through May 5, 2014 the Australian pianist released one new song daily available for upload. Presently, these recordings are in the process of being remixed, remastered and cataloged into bite-sized collections. Vol. 13 Favourites is only three percent of a year’s worth of music......

Album Review (Kelly O'Neil) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 13 Favourites


Album Review (Matthew Forss) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 18 Chill'd


Album Review (Alice Neiley) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 18 Chill'd


Album Review (Dan Macintosh) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 18 Chill'd


Album Review (Alex Henderson) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 16 Chill, World and Downtempo


Album Review (Alice Neiley) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 16 Chill, World and DownTempo


Album Review (Matthew Forss) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 16 Chill, World and Downtempo


Album Review (Alice Neiley) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol 4. Orchestral Vibe


Neu Futur Galliano Sommavilla Interview (2015)


Article in ASA (Australian Songwriters Association) April 2016     pages 21-23


Album Review (Matthew Forss / Inside World Music) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 30 Ambient and Mellow



Album Review (Alice Neiley) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 10 Mixed 2


song reviews (by Alice Neiley, USA) for 'Elektro Country and 'Breathe'


song reviews (by Matthew Forss, USA) for 'Elektro Country and 'Breathe'



VDL (Victorian Drama League) adjudicators award  for original music composition in a play 'Sylvia' for Cathouse Players Theatre Company  December 2015
ASA (Australian Songwriters Association) Songwriting Contest -  Top 10 for 'Maryannes Paris' Instrumental category 2013
ASA (Australian Songwriters Association) Songwriting Contest -  Top 10 for 'Song/Day 352'  (Listen Here) Instrumental category 2014









'A Romantic Interlude' - Music Award of Excellence - Ambient Instrumental

........'A technically elegant construction, 'A Romantic Interlude' is a carefully staged conjugation of production savvy and songwriting intuition - Galliano Sommavilla has a winner here.'.......Akademia Music Awards August 2018

'Cosmic Conversation' - Winner Best song - Ambient Instrumental

.......'Galliano Sommavilla has an obvious expertise for the genre; 'A Cosmic Conversation' is a timeless example of the craft, and credible evidence of compositional genius'.......Akademia Music Awards July 2018

' I Will Walk With You' - Winner for Best Song - Ambient Instrumental

.....'Galliano Sommavilla's 'I Will Walk With You' is impossible to anticipate - but works strictly within the system of its own logic; in all a masterful violin-infused ambient instrumental cut.'.....Akademia Music Awards June 2018

'Song/Day 277 ..And So It Goes' - Winner for Best Song - Ambient Instrumental

.....'Galliano Sommavilla conceives time and tone in a way lesser humans can barely comprehend - 'Song/Day 277 'And So It Goes'' is an ambient instrumental masterpiece with a constantly arresting melody.'..... Akademia Music Awards April 2018

'Echoes' - Winner for Best Song - Ambient Instrumental

....'Echoes' is a fascinating experiment in melodic continuity, dexterously traversing the scales with an elusive glue of conjugation that redounds to a mesmerizing whole.'....... Akademia Music Awards  March 2018

'An Ethereal Landscape' - Winner for Best Song - Ambient Instrumental

...'We can only guess at the mental image 'An Ethereal Landscape' evoked for its author, but its flowing euphonies will surely arouse the imagination and stir new thoughts in any who hear it.'...... Akademia Music Awards  Feb 2018 


"Breathe, Once More" (Listen Here )


365 Original Song A day for a Year - Vol 1 - Winner for Best Album

...'365' Original Song A Day For A Year - Volume 1' is adventure music at its best, bravely abjuring the monotonous regime of reality to introduce us to a magical new realm of possibilities....'  Akademia Music Awards  December 2017


'Morning Doves' - Winner for Best Song - Ambient Instrumental

.......'Morning Doves' is a somber instrumental adventure, moving in waves and progressing from ambient to melodic in completely unique turns.'........Akademia Music Awards September 2017


'Just Breathe'  - Winner for Best Song - Ambient Instrumental

.......'Just Breathe' is a rare sort of transcendental groove that resonates on many levels - Galliano continues to surprise and amaze audiences.'....... Akademia Music Awards August 2017


'Fooftops Of The World' - Winner for Best Song -  Ambient Instrumental

......''This is ambient musical invention at its best, boldly abjuring the dull regime of reality to illustrate an exotic new realm of possibilities by sound alone.'..... Akademia Music Awards July 2017


Look Back Over Time'  - Winner for Best Song - Ambient/Instrumental 

'...'If a dark room could sensibly express its inner turmoil the result might sound something like this wonderfully original movement.'......   Akademia Music Awards June 2017


Look Back In Time' (Listen Here )  - Winner for Best Song -  Ambient/Instrumental   Akademia Music Awards May 2017


'Pulse'  ( Winner for Best Song -  Ambient/Instrumental 

.........'Galliano Sommavilla's tour de force amalgamation of debonair ambient signals and exultant dance beats yields a track which will liven up any party place.'.........  Akademia Music Awards May 2017

Winner for Best Album - Ambient/Instrumental  for 'Breathe'

'..Galliano Sommavilla's instrumental work is marvelously wrought, not just technically, but in its patient sensitivity to space and cadence - you will be hard pressed to find a more nuanced practitioner, and this album captures an important artistic period.'.......  Akademia Music Awards March 2017


'Song/Day 111' - Winner for Best Song - Ambient/Instrumental 

'...Galliano Sommavilla delivers an ethereal, tribal, atmospheric interpretation full of mystery and danger, featuring gorgeous strings and an infectious rhythm.'....... Akademia Music Awards February 2017


Akademia Music Awards Ambient Instrumental Artist Of The Year 2016 awarded to Galliano Sommavilla (Pasadena, California April 21 2016)