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......As a whole, 'Breathe' accomplishes one of the hardest things for an instrumental album - it feels, overall, like a symphony, one long piece thematically divided into movements, while also somehow allowing each track to have enough visceral, tangible individuality to stand on it's own.....

Alice Neiley (USA)

Read the album review by Alice Neiley HERE



Watch the music video for the song 'Breathe Again' HERE

Tags: New moon, Liquid, reflection, grace , peace, gleam, sand in the wind, galactic, enfold, mellow, winter ocean, muscular wind, magic, bright


.....'Master of Chill' would be a fair way to describe pianist Galliano Sommavilla.....  Graham Strahle Music Review (Weekend Australian 2018)

Read the 'Breathe' album review by Graham Stahle HERE


Watch the video for 'Breathe Now' HERE

Tags:   bells, chimes, lush, deep, trance, magnetic, tides, moon motions, currents


"……Anyone with an interest in contemporary instrumental music in the new age, jazz, electronic, and experimental arenas will find harmony and comfort in the music of Galliano Sommavilla. …… Matthew Forss Reviewer USA


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