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....I’m almost caught off guard, and the intense presence of each one makes me desperate to pay attention to EVERYTHING at once.......

It’s a bit overwhelming, but at the same time feels like a world unto itself, a step into Sommavilla’s own version of Oz, where everything is unfamiliar, new, and entrancing. At first, one might want to retreat, but eventually can’t help but follow the curiosity into this beautiful swirl of sound and movement.........


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Tags: passion, dreamy, invincible, changing seasons , gasping, summit, bloom, burst, adventure, breakwater, anticipation, sprint, magic, urgent


Watch the music video for the song 'Air and Water' HERE

Tags:   shadowy, mercurial, tempest, soar, intense, thunder, journey, upsurge, whirlwind, prodigal guitar, quickening heartbeat, lightning strike, impending, stormy, mythical, wave crests, electric


.....'We can only guess at the mental image 'An Ethereal Landscape' evoked for its author, but its flowing euphonies will surely arouse the imagination and stir new thoughts in any who hear it.'......

Winner Best song Ambient/Instrumental Akademia Music Awards


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Album photography by David Wayman


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