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.....“They—words—act only to delay or distract from the bliss of the listening. You see, we at The Ark of Music know a secret. And this music reveals said secret. But you’ll have to listen for yourself to learn of it, to get the knowledge. For, that knowledge too is beyond words. Enjoy this. Breathe it in. Experience it. Consume it. Over and over again.”........


.......And for the first time in many months, too many months, I find myself leaning back, eyes closed, and just listening. I don’t want to write. I don’t want to think. I only want to listen, as the cascade at 6:45 brings me close to tears. This urgency continues a new theme, one of desperation and loss. A beautiful tragedy begins to unfold, and at 9:30 the tears come........


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....Where a great many tracks tend to lose a bit of steam after the halfway point, one song 2 is able to rise to a beautiful degree by the time the song hits twenty-five minutes. A considerably brighter, more angelic section touches fans at 34 minutes, while the final six minutes gradually slow things down to a muted conclusion.......


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