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.......As delicate almost playful tapping continuously swaps places with massively-gorgeous, rolling, dynamic crescendos, dear Galliano has also peppered in moments of immeasurable faith and intensity throughout. Note how your heart stirs at 12:40, 24:15, 28:20, and 40:55..........

The Ark of Music


......The aptly named “one song” has considerable narrative qualities to it. Led initially by classical / new age-infused piano lines, the track ultimately moves through a number of distinct styles and approaches as one progresses. The complexity one one song gradually increases as Sommavilla’s piano arrangements begin to change time signature conventions.......

Neu Futur Magazine


 .......Waterfalls at 2:05 form a peaceful landscape, a stream side, a hillside. A minute later, a flock of birds passes overhead, as the vision here becomes clear: we are listening to the conversation of Mother Nature....... (One Song 5)

 The Ark Of Music

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.......The narrative quality of this instrumental arrangement is far and away the best we’ve heard so far this year..............

Neu Futur Magazine


.....“They—words—act only to delay or distract from the bliss of the listening. You see, we at The Ark of Music know a secret. And this music reveals said secret. But you’ll have to listen for yourself to learn of it, to get the knowledge. For, that knowledge too is beyond words. Enjoy this. Breathe it in. Experience it. Consume it. Over and over again.”........


.......And for the first time in many months, too many months, I find myself leaning back, eyes closed, and just listening. I don’t want to write. I don’t want to think. I only want to listen, as the cascade at 6:45 brings me close to tears. This urgency continues a new theme, one of desperation and loss. A beautiful tragedy begins to unfold, and at 9:30 the tears come........

The Ark Of Music 

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....Where a great many tracks tend to lose a bit of steam after the halfway point, one song 2 is able to rise to a beautiful degree by the time the song hits twenty-five minutes. A considerably brighter, more angelic section touches fans at 34 minutes, while the final six minutes gradually slow things down to a muted conclusion......

NeuFutur Magazine

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......I don’t think there’s anyone out there that loves piano, innovation, imagination, and creativity that wouldn’t find their way into what Galliano Sommavilla brings to his music – especially these “One Song” tunes.  Just like the last time around in reviewing the first of the set, he’s rockin’ solo-piano, all composed avant-garde right there on the spot & in the moment – and also just like last time, this sounds absolutely gorgeous from start to finish…maybe even more-so.  Perhaps with having conquered this challenge once already, the confidence Sommavilla was able to take into this next endeavor has him shining just that 10% more – all I know is, everything I’ve been listening to on “One Song #2” is just as stunning, hypnotic, and fascinating as I could have hoped it would have been in creating a sequel......

Sleeping Bag Studios

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.....One Song is actually one 45 minute song, an improvisational wonderland that he performed/recorded in one take. It pairs so perfectly with an introspective walk in the woods that I’m tempted to label it as an emotional soundscape, but while that is true, it’s also reductive in a way – One Song is much more. Essentially variations on a theme, the song shifts moods so subtly that you don’t notice until you’re inside one of the many different atmospheres, wondering why you are suddenly choked up and finally able to fully breathe, all at the same time........

Alice Neiley

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Essential and timely. Vibrational respite. Musical medicine. Galliano Sommavilla’s third installment to the One Song saga, One Song 3, comes to us at just the right moment in our history as a species. Here and now, while the world secludes, isolates, and waits, saturated in the fear of unknowing; here is the elixer. Here is the potion. Here is the remedy. A causer of calm. A bearer of peaceful rest. A heart-centric moment during an overly-intellectualized time.

Put your thoughts away, if only for the mere forty-one minutes and twenty-three seconds that is One Song 3. Give yourself a chance to see the world differently. But beware… you may never be the same again......

The Ark of Music

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......The subtle melancholy in the transition at 8:00 feels as though Sommavilla was trying to capture some divine insight into the music. Surely he’s seen something unexplainable, and here is his attempt to describe it.....(One Song 3)

The Ark Of Music

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......As I said about One Song, I have reviewed many of Galliano Sommavilla’s albums over the past 7 years, and they all have their own individual strengths and beauties. One Song 2 strikes me as a journey of an album in and of itself, but will serve especially well as a collection of moments, a palette, if you will, of colors and melodies and absolutely perfect glimmers of new songs, whole gorgeous worlds into which Galliano Sommavilla can lead us.........

Alice Neiley

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