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launching soon.........WATCH THE PROMO VIDEO HERE
New Album "An Ethereal Landscape" (available October 2019)

New Album "ONE SONG" (available November 2019)
Read song reviews for 'Ethereal Landscape' and 'Air and Water' HERE
Watch Video for 'Air and Water' HERE
New Album "Breathe"  9 track instrumental (read review by Alice Neiley USA here)


The Australian (Newspaper) 2014

'The Age' A2 section Newspaper article 'Music to Dine For' (2009)

'The Age' Newspaper (EG Section) 2007


'A Romantic Interlude' - Music Award of Excellence - Ambient Instrumental

........'A technically elegant construction, 'A Romantic Interlude' is a carefully staged conjugation of production savvy and songwriting intuition - Galliano Sommavilla has a winner here.'.......Akademia Music Awards August 2018

'Cosmic Conversation' - Winner Best song - Ambient Instrumental

.......'Galliano Sommavilla has an obvious expertise for the genre; 'A Cosmic Conversation' is a timeless example of the craft, and credible evidence of compositional genius'.......Akademia Music Awards July 2018

' I Will Walk With You' - Winner for Best Song - Ambient Instrumental

.....'Galliano Sommavilla's 'I Will Walk With You' is impossible to anticipate - but works strictly within the system of its own logic; in all a masterful violin-infused ambient instrumental cut.'.....Akademia Music Awards June 2018

'Song/Day 277 ..And So It Goes' - Winner for Best Song - Ambient Instrumental

.....'Galliano Sommavilla conceives time and tone in a way lesser humans can barely comprehend - 'Song/Day 277 'And So It Goes'' is an ambient instrumental masterpiece with a constantly arresting melody.'..... Akademia Music Awards April 2018

'Echoes' - Winner for Best Song - Ambient Instrumental

....'Echoes' is a fascinating experiment in melodic continuity, dexterously traversing the scales with an elusive glue of conjugation that redounds to a mesmerizing whole.'....... Akademia Music Awards  March 2018

'An Ethereal Landscape' - Winner for Best Song - Ambient Instrumental

...'We can only guess at the mental image 'An Ethereal Landscape' evoked for its author, but its flowing euphonies will surely arouse the imagination and stir new thoughts in any who hear it.'...... Akademia Music Awards  Feb 2018 


"Breathe, Once More" (Listen Here )


365 Original Song A day for a Year - Vol 1 - Winner for Best Album

...'365' Original Song A Day For A Year - Volume 1' is adventure music at its best, bravely abjuring the monotonous regime of reality to introduce us to a magical new realm of possibilities....'  Akademia Music Awards  December 2017


'Morning Doves' - Winner for Best Song - Ambient Instrumental

.......'Morning Doves' is a somber instrumental adventure, moving in waves and progressing from ambient to melodic in completely unique turns.'........Akademia Music Awards September 2017


'Just Breathe'  - Winner for Best Song - Ambient Instrumental

.......'Just Breathe' is a rare sort of transcendental groove that resonates on many levels - Galliano continues to surprise and amaze audiences.'....... Akademia Music Awards August 2017


'Fooftops Of The World' - Winner for Best Song -  Ambient Instrumental

......''This is ambient musical invention at its best, boldly abjuring the dull regime of reality to illustrate an exotic new realm of possibilities by sound alone.'..... Akademia Music Awards July 2017


Look Back Over Time'  - Winner for Best Song - Ambient/Instrumental 

'...'If a dark room could sensibly express its inner turmoil the result might sound something like this wonderfully original movement.'......   Akademia Music Awards June 2017


Look Back In Time' (Listen Here )  - Winner for Best Song -  Ambient/Instrumental   Akademia Music Awards May 2017


'Pulse'  ( Winner for Best Song -  Ambient/Instrumental 

.........'Galliano Sommavilla's tour de force amalgamation of debonair ambient signals and exultant dance beats yields a track which will liven up any party place.'.........  Akademia Music Awards May 2017

Winner for Best Album - Ambient/Instrumental  for 'Breathe'

'..Galliano Sommavilla's instrumental work is marvelously wrought, not just technically, but in its patient sensitivity to space and cadence - you will be hard pressed to find a more nuanced practitioner, and this album captures an important artistic period.'.......  Akademia Music Awards March 2017


'Song/Day 111' - Winner for Best Song - Ambient/Instrumental 

'...Galliano Sommavilla delivers an ethereal, tribal, atmospheric interpretation full of mystery and danger, featuring gorgeous strings and an infectious rhythm.'....... Akademia Music Awards February 2017


Akademia Music Awards Ambient Instrumental Artist Of The Year 2016 awarded to Galliano Sommavilla (Pasadena, California April 21 2016)




"Corriere delle Alpi" (Italy) 2009
Article for 'Music to Dine For'
Apra magazine 2009

Cafe Pedrocchi (Padua, Italy 2014) Bellunese Nel Mondo Magazine

'Melbourne Times' article for cookbook "Playing with Food" (2009)

"Corriere delli Alpi" Newspaper (Italy) Article for 'Playing with Food' 2008
The Age 'Epicure' review of "Playing with Food"
'Il Globo' Newspaper (Melbourne)
Article for cookbook 'Music to Dine For' (2009)

'Il Globo' Newspaper article for 'Playing with Food' (2007)

'Il Globo' Newspaper (Melbourne) article for album 'Beach Holiday'

Moreland Leader newspaper article 2012

'Moreland Leader' Newspaper article 2009

'Moreland Leader' newspaper article for 'cookbook 'Playing With Food' (2007)

Mx (Newspaper) article for cookbook 'Playing With Food'  (2007)

Rain in my Bathtub Review

'The Weekend Australian' article (2009)

'The Age' article for cookbook 'Music to Dine For' (2009)

Mx City Beat 2007