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Prosciutto e Melone

Prawn Skewer

panna cotta

....."Galliano (Sommavilla) is about to embark on a concept Cd which combines his talents as a very fine pianist/ composer and as a lover of all things gastronomic....Galliano's fine cooking combined with his fine listening music........  "Australian Music Abroad-Popkomm 1998-99"
"If Music be the Food of Life, Play on......." Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, 1601......
I have always enjoyed my food and eating makes me content, for those who know me well I am probably stating the most obvious. Although I have never been qualified as a chef or cook, that honour is most undoubtedly my fathers, as it was he, as well as my mother, who worked themselves to the bone, and especially my fathers cooking career, which took him to the pinnacle of some of Melbourne's finest restaurants over nearly four decades, that I am truly indebted, and is where I get my true passion for the culinary arts, so to speak. 
Over many years I have engaged in the art of dinner parties, home cooking, cooking for my friends and even sometimes colleagues, wanting to see happy faces and contented stomachs, fulfilled entirely in the fact that there really isn't anything better than having lovely people around to share some wonderful food, conversation and life stories.
I have been fortunate to have had two cookbooks published.
"Playing with Food" was my first cookbook (Italian Cooking), with an accompanying original 11 track instrumental music cd, published in 2006. My next book, "Music to Dine For" (more Italian Cooking) and another accompanying original 17 track music cd was published in 2008.'The Age' Newspaper (Melbourne) wrote..... 'a book to dine for'......
Mark Zocchi from Brolga Publishing has been integral in getting my work published to the public domain.
Please note: Although both cookbooks are now sold out, there may be an chance to purchase them through my publisher (Mark Zocchi @ Brolga Publishing / please refer to my CONTACT page)

Recipes (in pdf format) 
Pictures below taken from both cookbooks 'Playing With Food' and 'Music To Dine For'


Strawberries with balsamic

Pork with balsamic dressing


pear sorbet

Polenta bites

Cannellini bean salad 

Mussels in white wine

spaghetti napoli

Caprese salad


Chicken with Prosciutto, Recipe from
Music to Dine for
Penne with Mushrooms
Front cover "Playing with Food" (2006)
 (my Father, Benito Sommavilla, on the
Front Cover "Music to Dine For" 2008

chocolate cake

polpette di manzo
 Frittata recipe from 'Music to Dine For



Chicken Bolognese

mixed herbs

orange and fennel salad

Broccoli soup