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Playing With Food/ album art 

Welcome to FoodPhotobyGalliano                                  FoodbyGalliano


Food photography is something I have slowly delved in over the years. I have always enjoyed cooking. I suppose taking photos of the food was the next step. It is an art form like no other. It is extraordinarily difficult to achieve. It's not jus about the capture of light. Create. Prepare. Cook. Plate Up. Photo. Slowly, slowly, I will always get better. I am pretty pleased with some of the results thus far. If you think they look good, they tasted pretty awesome as well!


  The photos on this page are food pics related to my normal cooking adventures, special lunch and dinners, food mood, but also band rehearsals. Band rehearsals you say? Specifically my original band 'Galliano and the Sommavillains'. I took much pride in preparing foods for the band. We usually had a bite to eat half way through rehearsal. I am certain they appreciated the effort. They certainly deserved it.


Shopping, preparing and cooking the food, taking the photos, getting ready for the rehearsals took some effort, sometimes too much wine in the process, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

*Top Row, third across, band enjoying lunch. Yum!


Click on the photo to enlarge. Mmmm, that's tasty!