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About Galliano...

Contemporary pianist and Instrumental composer Galliano Sommavilla is a multi award songwriting recipient, respected live performer and author of two unique, best selling cookbooks 'Playing with Food' and 'Music to Dine For' (Italian cooking).


His drive began where most do, with the caring influence of his parents. His father, a respected chef in Melbourne for over 40 years and his mother, the influence that tipped his vessel toward music, offering him his first foray into the field whilst still in his high chair, learning the world of percussion with spoons, some empty glasses, and a jar of water. An accordion would later follow at age 4 with piano lessons soon after.


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Music Format (Piano Solo)....

From Bach to Beatles to Bee Gees, Sting to Streisand, Morricone to Manilow, Poulenc to Pink Floyd,  Film and Television Scores, Jazz Standards, Pop and Current Top 40, Caruso to Coldplay, Joel to John, Contemporary Ballads, Musicals.....and more........


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About Galliano
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Music For Licensing

Galliano has a large and varied catalogue of instrumental material available for licensing to film, television, gaming, theatre, etc. A select collection of handcrafted music ready for immediate use anywhere.


Galliano is also at the ready to compose, arrange and record new commissioned works, genre specific.


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  • ........Vol. 18… is another strong release in the worlds of dance, electronic, pop, new age, neo-classical, trip-hop, and instrumental.  Galliano is one amazing one-man band with epic sounds coming from keyboards and such.  The instrumental arrangements are timeless, emotive, and catchy in parts.  ‘Chill’ is one word that comes to mind when summing up the album.  It is aptly-titled and a joy for anyone interested in instrumental music.  The new age and jazz additions are not to be ignored here........

    ~Matthew Forss Music Reviewer USA

  • .....If there's one overriding mood, it's that of peacefulness. These twelve recordings (Vol. 18) generally go down smoothly. There aren't many places where the mood is jarring or obtrusive. Instead, the feeling is warm and comforting, almost exclusively.

    Sommavilla does, however, prove to be quite the fine instrumentalist. The keyboard parts, though subtle, are nevertheless quite skilled throughout. And the extended variety of places he sets his instrumentation shows how much of an eclectic player he truly is.....

    ~Dan Macintosh Music Reviewer USA

  • .....As a contemporary pianist, composer, and musical pioneer in Australia, Galliano continues to change and evolve with the latest in musical offerings.  The new single, “Chill Me Now,” which is part of his song a day for a year production, was part of Vol. 3 as song 338.  The five-minute instrumental tune brings together jazz, rock, new age, and dance infusions for a truly unforgettable journey....

    ~Matthew Forss

  • .....Galliano finds ways to bring in jazz, R&B, lounge, down-tempo, and new age elements into one cohesive and memorable package.  Fans of Tangerine Dream, Craig Armstrong, and other musicians that create similar music will find Vol. 13 Favourites a must-have.  Plus, you will want to experience every track Galliano created during the year in past and subsequent releases......

    ~Matthew Forss



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