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......It isn’t just music; it’s a place – a living dream – that music creates. Once again, Galliano Sommavilla surrounds us with something delicate but powerful, aching but healing, and lighter than any imposed burdens. Ultimately, it’s a soothing aural antidote to what emotionally ails us. If you’re ready to swap this common, grounded existence for something gorgeous, loving, and unbound, I highly recommend this very track, and any of Galliano Sommavilla’s spiritually rewarding catalog..........

Review for 'A Kind Heart' , The Ark of Music, April 2024

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....'The Last Dance' swirls with rich ambient instrumental textures that perfectly complement its magnificent melodic style........

Winner Best Ambient Instrumental, Akademia Music Awards December 2023


“When I Wake Up” sounds like Sommavilla is back…his eyes are open, his mind is clear, and he’s ready for whatever might come next…it sounds like he’s genuinely rediscovered his passions, and fallen back in love with his purpose.

So “why do we fall, Bruce?

Perspective.  To understand what our destiny is, and find the determination required to reach it.

The comeback is always greater than the setback, I assure you.

This song proves it...........

Sleeping Bag Studios July 2023

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Review of (new album) Light and Shade 'The Colours of the Piano'

....The album begins with “The Colours of Caravaggio,” and what a stunning, quietly powerful opener it is. Beginning with twinkling higher notes, a taking flight of sorts, the song soon roams  midrange and finds itself – its confidence........ 

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.....Liberated from some perfected cosmic vault, the patiently rendered 'The Colours Of Caravaggio is so beautiful it summons the listener to a place of deep rapport with Galliano Sommavilla........

Akademia Music Awards October 2023



.....Whatever life events have propelled him to create Light and Shade, it catches the unique pianist in a particularly inspired mood.......

Graham Strahle The Weekend Australian (Newspaper) December 2023

Listen HERE (The Colours of Caravaggio)


The work of Galliano Sommavilla is endlessly impressive. Each track on Instrumental Music​.​.​.​From the Heart is like a cinematic adventure, painting stunning pictures without a single word over and over. This album is perfect for genuine relaxation, delivering an absolutely effortless listening experience that is still brimming with meaning and emotion. Fans of true brilliance in effective, compelling musical composition will no doubt feel right at home on this stunning work of sonic art, as they will on nearly all of Galliano’s work.

The Ark of Music August 2022

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.....Sommavilla’s Instrumental Music from the Heart is one of 2022’s sparkling releases that you may otherwise overlook. Don’t. He’s found a level of musicality that’s well worth visiting again and again. Its personal value for the performer, as well, comes across through the music at every turn.

Mark Druery IndieShark Magazine August 2022

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Boulimique de Musique - 'Space Walk'
 Une apaisante composition aux fines sonorités électroniques qui gravitent autour de la musique downtempo. La finesse des arrangements de ce titre envoûtant captive l'attention pour son aspect mélodique ainsi que pour sa stucture musicale hautement évolutive.
〰️ A soothing composition with fine electronic sounds that gravitate around downtempo music. The finesse of the arrangements of this bewitching track captivates the attention with its melodic aspect as well as its highly evolving musical structure.
April 2022
Listen HERE
Boulimique de Musique (Canada) - 'The Trap is Set'
.....An instrumental composition in the vein of neoclassicism with arrangements that gravitate around soft piano notes. A deep melancholy emanates from this poignant piece, not unlike some of Levon Minassian's works. Extremely atmospheric, this creation all in smoothness and full of subtleties is worthy of a soundtrack for a movie and for a video game for its impressive emotional charge.......
March 2022
Boulimique de Musique - 'Out There'
Une oeuvre instrumentale au carrefour entre la musique électronique, le néo-classique et le new-age pour ses sonorités vaporeuses qui gravitent tout doucement autour des notes de piano. L'interprétation toute en finesse de cette oeuvre aux propiétés apaisantes est propice aux moments de relaxation et de détente. Digne d'une ambiance d'un spa, ce morceau doucement évolutif entraîne les songes dans un périple auditif introspectif où l'hygiène spirituelle se pratique.     
Feb 2022


......“Mystic Forest” would be a tough song NOT to love in that regard – it’s another fantastic example of the natural & organic digital vibes that Galliano so masterfully creates at his most focused, and I’d be hard pressed to believe that this wouldn’t be a fan favorite on this record.......

....'Instrumental Music…From The Heart' is the victory & breakthrough he was seeking out – this is the natural sound of an incredibly unique musical mind at work, and that my friends, is one extremely beautiful thing to experience.  Don’t take my word for it – get out there and put this guy on your playlist....

Sleeping Bag Studios Nov 2021

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'Trust Your Journey'

Boulimique de Musique, Oct 2021

......An instrumental work with balanced arrangements between acoustic instrumentation and fine synthetic sounds. This stimulating piece titillates the eardrums by its musical richness and the polyrhythm that revolves around a strong melodic aspect. This real auditory UFO has many extremely catchy elements. A track that acts as a journey for the imagination, as a kind of break out of the temporal space!.......


...There is real depth in this music, a warmth and a richness present in these compositions that permeates them – and the listener by extension. You can feel the passion and the authenticity poured into Made in Melbourne .

Review for Made in Melbourne, The Ark of Music, Sept 2021

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.....Galliano’s put together another exceptional experience from start to finish, one way or another, no matter how you end up playing it on your end of things…the important thing is that on his end, he’s kept it as tight as ever, and put forth a real quality record that delivers on exactly what he intended it to.

An Instrumental Odyssey, it most assuredly is.  Enjoy........

Review for An Instrumental Odyssey by Sleeping bag Studios, Sept 2021

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.....felt like its allure was extremely universal – “Space Travel” is such an excellent track to simply let spin on repeat and sink your ears right into…the casual chilled-out atmosphere yields a sensationally addictive, captivating, and mesmerizing sound all around.  And whenever you get to that first sprinkle of space-dust in the mix…I think it’s somewhere around the 2:25 mark…when that pops up, it becomes like, damn near all you wanna hear – it entirely puts the cherry on top of what’s been a 100% remarkable experience you’d never want to end already......

Sleeping Bag Studios March 2021

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.......A pianist at heart, Sommavilla used his keys to create massive soundscapes and most of his material comes through with emotion and colour.....

One of his latest songs, "Ghost" is indeed a haunting and ambient track with a swelling and deep feel. An engulfing song that trickles under your skin and at times even has a mystical aesthetic, this single feels like being stuck in a dark house on a quiet night and feeling like you're not alone when you know you are........

Recording Artists Guild - December 2020   LISTEN HERE

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.... For myself, listening to a song like “Watch Your Step” is absolutely on the same level as listening to the most compelling story you can think of being told aloud…you get right into every chapter of sound here as its revealed to you; and while it may be a subtle & slow-moving tune, you’ll likely find you’re right on the edge of your seat listening.  It’s either that or you’ll slip into the fifth dimension from the meditative sound reaching the centre of your mind’s eye.....   LISTEN HERE


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.........Then you start listening, and you realize that Galliano possesses an internal wealth of ideas that never seems to run out…and that each time he’s ready to record, he brings something brilliantly new to your ears.  There’s melody…there’s passion…there’s talent for sure…but what you’re hearing the most, is actually inspiration at full-bloom…that’s where the real magic of Galliano Sommavilla’s music takes hold.......

...The point I’m making is, once “One Song” begins, you truly won’t want it to end…but you won’t actually think about that either.  It’s like you’re right there in the room with Sommavilla listening to him play a set graciously & gracefully for us all…and we’re right there in the moment with him.  In an avant-garde or artistic setting, and one with such tangibly stunning melody for that matter…we never really know where Galliano will turn or transition to next – because ultimately, at the time, neither did he!......

Review 'One Song' (Sleeping Bag Studios)

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Boulimique de Musique - 'One Song' 
.....Un enchainement de compositions instrumentales interprétées avec une grande finesse au piano. L'attention aux dértails porte l'auditeur à tendre l'oreille sur toute la finesse qui se trouve derrière chaque note. Une oeuvre aboutie qui fait preuve de tout le savoir-faire avec ce jeu habile où les cascades de notes et la subtilité musicale sont au menu.....
〰️ A sequence of instrumental compositions is interpreted with great finesse on the piano. The attention to detail leads the listener to listen to all the finesse that lies behind each note. An accomplished work that shows all the know-how with this skillful play where cascades of notes and musical subtlety are on the menu......
March 2022


The album opens with Run Like the Wind, and it’s full of trademark Galliano elements – soaring, dramatic tones, intricate and memorable melodies, and a wide selection of instrumentation that help to paint the complex images suggested by his songs.......

Review of 'Welcome to my side of the World' (album)

Full Review HERE (The Ark of Music)


....With thunderous drum beats and cymbals splashing us in to the atmospheric beginning of “Morning Doves,” you get that instant feeling of epic majesty springing through the air surrounding you.  Spread out with a mesmerizing approach to the space & pace of the composition, what’s not being played is just as essential as what is – it’s that extra ambience that Galliano uses so well to make each individual addition to the song generate an impact of its own..........

Full Review HERE (Sleeping Bag Studios)     LISTEN HERE


.... I love the ethereal & otherworldly atmosphere he creates at the outset of “Ponder This” and the way this whole song evolves & expands so expressively, adding in subtle transitions and elements along the way that all get the space they need in the production & structure to complement the design.  The bass-lines in particular, keep this cut movin’ & groovin’ with slow-burning rhythm…the melodic synth elements & vocal samples are straight-up magnificent and push the whole song to the next-level.......

Full Review HERE (Sleeping Bag Studios)



......As delicate almost playful tapping continuously swaps places with massively-gorgeous, rolling, dynamic crescendos, dear Galliano has also peppered in moments of immeasurable faith and intensity throughout. Note how your heart stirs at 12:40, 24:15, 28:20, and 40:55....... (One Song)

Read the Full Review of 'One Song' HERE (The Ark Of Music)


.....One Song is actually one 45 minute song, an improvisational wonderland that he performed/recorded in one take. It pairs so perfectly with an introspective walk in the woods that I’m tempted to label it as an emotional soundscape, but while that is true, it’s also reductive in a way – One Song is much more. Essentially variations on a theme, the song shifts moods so subtly that you don’t notice until you’re inside one of the many different atmospheres, wondering why you are suddenly choked up and finally able to fully breathe, all at the same time........

Read the full Review of 'One Song' HERE (Alice Neiley)


...Combined with its catchy beat & mesmerizing hypnotic collage of spectacular rhythms & melodic atmosphere…those guitar notes soaring into the mix, and the remarkable fluidity to be found in this final track as Galliano finishes off An Ethereal Landscape with one last dose of serious musicianship & stellar sound…you gotta hand it to this man…he certainly knows how to put a full album together in a way that gives you plenty to contemplate & consider while you’re being entertained.  All-in-all, he’s got a really great record here........

Sleeping bag Studios

read the full review HERE


.... The gorgeous warmth at the center of the melody in “Homeward Bound” is so worth the journey to get there…it’s like audibly reaching the middle of the Tootsie Pop at long last.  I remain a huge fan of what this artist is capable of – and I’d fully encourage him to continue looking towards the skies for inspiration if the results are going to come out as inventive, imaginative, & inviting as this does.......

Sleeping Bag Studios    LISTEN HERE

read the full review HERE


.....And for the first time in many months, too many months, I find myself leaning back, eyes closed, and just listening. I don’t want to write. I don’t want to think. I only want to listen, as the cascade at 6:45 brings me close to tears. This urgency continues a new theme, one of desperation and loss. A beautiful tragedy begins to unfold, and at 9:30 the tears come... (One Song 2)

Review of 'One Song 2' HERE (The Ark of Music)


.......”The Caper” sounds like what the title implies in that respect, and as listeners, we feel like we’re on an adventure when it comes to the structure and design.....

Sleeping bag Studios

read the full review HERE


....Sommavilla has made a forty-two minute composition keep fans interest from the beginning until the song’s final throes. The narrative quality of this instrumental arrangement is far and away the best we’ve heard so far this year. Fans should keep an ear open for the gradual shift towards a more complex and quicker section (around the 27 to the 32 minute mark), a vital inclusion destined to lock one in for the song’s final ten minutes. While Sommavilla does a solid job in making the effort a sort of ouroborosa, there are a number of new inclusions in the final few moments of one song that add yet another layer of depth to the release. Slowing things down, Galliano is able to bring in a few last beautiful piano rolls as the song winds to a close.....

Full Review of 'One Song' HERE (NeuFutur Magazine)


Review of 'One Song 2' HERE (NeuFutur Magazine)


Review of 'One Song' 2 HERE (Alice Neiley)


......The subtle melancholy in the transition at 8:00 feels as though Sommavilla was trying to capture some divine insight into the music. Surely he’s seen something unexplainable, and here is his attempt to describe it.....(One Song 3)


Review of 'One Song 3' HERE (The Ark of Music)



.....A beautiful dance of sound. Stunning and emotive contrasts. Impeccable improvisational instincts and technique. Galliano Sommavilla’s fourth offering of the One Song saga, the dreamy and delicate, One Song 4, is the softest and most tender of this series; making it again the perfect complement to this day when we all need to be so patient and careful with one another..... (One Song 4)

Review of 'One song 4' HERE (The Ark Of Music)


.......Waterfalls at 2:05 form a peaceful landscape, a stream side, a hillside. A minute later, a flock of birds passes overhead, as the vision here becomes clear: we are listening to the conversation of Mother Nature....... (One Song 5)


Review of 'One Song 5' HERE (The Ark of Music)


.....Like listen to the passionate rolls through the keys in the ninth minute, or how quiet the whole place becomes as you head into the tenth…how masterfully Galliano’s got his music pushing & pulling the contrast of those loud/quiet dynamics to create tension, serenity, intensity, and calm – and at any given point in time, he could switch the whole sound on a dime from one side of the extremes to the other.  I think the dude is a straight-up incredible player with a nearly a touch on the keys that’s pretty much second to none…and to hear it in such a creative & unfiltered way like Sommavilla’s been creating on these giant tunes not only speaks on behalf of his ambition, but also on behalf of what he really can accomplish....... 


....He can play that piano with a touch as light as a feather, or filled with the drama & power of thunder – and throughout “One Song #2” he makes fantastic use of both sides of the extremes of melody & sound.  I’d reckon what makes it so exceptional and outstanding to listen to, is that all the quietest moments where space & pace become so pivotal to the experience that, when Galliano ramps up his energy or the tension or the seriousness in the tone around those moments, you really feel the dynamics shift in highly effective ways that can’t help but grab your attention through the sheer diversity on display....

Review of One Song 2 HERE (Sleeping Bag Studios)


Akademia 'Rising Star' Award 2021



Akademia Music Awards 'Artist Vision Award' HERE April 2020



Akademia Music Awards 'Executive Award'  HERE April 2019


Instrumental Ambient Artist of the Year Award  awarded to Galliano Sommavilla (Akademia Music Awards held @ the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California 21st April 2016)  Watch here Akademia Gala Video

                 below (that's me.... the 'orange' tie) 'The Rose Bowl', Pasadena, USA, April 2016


.....Is anyone surprised to find that Galliano delivers at the highest level yet again? The track at hand,  Ponder This, is an ethereal, melodic, and inspired instrumental. It sits somewhere between jazzy and tribal – a slightly melancholy undertone with perhaps just a touch of primordial feel, yet still modern in execution and production.......

....We’re not surprised to be thoroughly enjoying Ponder This in the slightest. Galliano Sommvilla‘s work has impressed us time and time again, and this track is truly no exception. This song is a smooth, tasteful exercise in genre combinations and precise arrangements. Never overcrowded, constantly engaging, and soulful to its core, Ponder This is an exquisite show of musicianship and skill at the highest level.....The Ark of Music September 2020

watch the youtube video HERE: 


Single reviews for 'Air and Water' and 'Ethereal Landscape' from new album 'Ethereal Landscape'  (HERE)


Album review 'An Ethereal Landscape' - Neu Futur Magazine (HERE)


.......Silky smooth production. Wildly chill. A relaxing step back. A deep breath in. A relaxing breath out. Galliano Sommavilla’s album—the one part electronic, one part chill, one part world—An Ethereal Landscape offers another side of this man’s ability to create respite through his music.

Combining rhythm structures which inspire and motivate, with melodies which relax and sooth, Sommavilla has successfully contributed to one our favorite genres here at The Ark of Music. Electronic, Chill, Instrumental, however you wish to describe or categorize, the album adds real substance to the class........

Album Review 'An Ethereal Landscape' - The Ark Of Music HERE



'An Ethereal Landscape' - album review (Alice Neiley USA) HERE


.....What I can tell ya about this particular post, is that we’re dealing with another fantastic audio slice of the gigantic pie known as Galliano Sommavilla’s 365 days of music extravaganza – you know, the one I told you about in the past review of his song “Ponder This” from a couple weeks back, where I explained all about this musical madman’s extraordinarily ambitious year of writing, recording, and posting a brand-new original song for an entire year?  Yep.  That’s same amazing project is where the “Chill Me Now” we’re talking about is from.........


... “Chill Me Now” is another solid example of his passionate digital style producing stunning results that are accessible, inviting, and wonderfully entertaining.  With the clever design it has, you’ll find “Chill Me Now” is as adventurous as it is fluid; led by Galliano’s expert hands on the studio boards & keys, the man delivers on exciting sound that flows effortlessly between bright & colorful hooks to uniquely beautiful & chilled melodic breakdowns…and of course, we can’t forget the essential contributions the plethora of highly interesting additions that pop up in the background layers make along the way either!  “Chill Me Now” works a magic structure built on professional precision, subtle shifts & verifiably smooth flow…it takes next to no time at all for you to find yourself right at the heart of this rhythm & groove, and once you realize that’s exactly where you are, you’ll never wanna leave.....

Sleeping Bag Studios


Read song reviews (pdf) for 'Ethereal Landscape' and 'Air and Water' HERE



Album Review (Graham Strahle - Weekend Australian)  of "Breathe" (2018) HERE


Album Review (Alice Neiley-USA) of "Breathe" (2018) (pdf)


.....And even though I told ya yesterday I wasn’t playing favorites in posting up the newer version of “Chill Me Now” in review first – now that both variations are here on our pages, I feel comfortable in saying that, with the added advantage of the video that comes with it, I think I side with this full-band approach.  I mean…c’mon now…those bass-lines from Tony Mazziotta alone are worth the price of admission!  Then you add in the genuine allure & subtle rumble of the guitars from Gary Ritchie, and the crisp snare & wide-spread cymbal sounds from drummer David Isaacs to go along with the main hooks provided by Galliano’s steady synthetic keys – and the dancers & hula-hoopin’ goin’ on in between – it’s like a full-on visual combination of the worlds between psychedelic & professional in the most pleasing of hybrid ways.  It’s verifiable proof that Galliano Sommavilla has always been making music we can all truly groove on, and certainly more confirmation that he’s been having a whole lot of fun in the process......

Sleeping Bag Studios


Album Review (Matthew Forss-USA) of "Welcome to my side of the World" (pdf)


.......Galliano’s latest release, a reissue, showcases the musical roots of Australia’s preeminent pianist and songwriter. The galloping melodies, punchy embellishments, incorporation of a few different instruments, and cross-genre compositions make Rain In My Bathtub sound very inviting. The bass, drum, and violin accompaniment works relatively well throughout. There are times when the drums are not too diverse, but it is not really a distraction or a negative. The piano is the real winner here. There are George Winston moments, as well as Tangerine Dream ones, too. The completely instrumental result is another good attribute. There are enough different songs on the album to provide a satisfactory listening experience. This is ideal for instrumental, jazz, new age, and piano fans all around the world......

Album Review (Matthew Forss-USA) of "Rain in my Bathtub" (pdf)


......Galliano Sommavilla’s new volume marks a pivotal achievement as something that is part of a musical journey from a year long task of creating new songs each day. Though daunting at times, the result is a very engaging, diverse, and fluid mix of world jazz, fusion, electronica, new age, and down-tempo/chill-out compositions that never go out of style or fade into oblivion. Galliano’s new recording could not have been made possible without Gary Ritchie on guitars, as well as Barry De Marco. 365 Vol. 9 Guitar and Keys is another keeper in the world of contemporary instrumental and down-tempo.......

Album review (Matthew Forss-USA) of "365" (original song a day for a year) Vol. 9 (pdf)


Album review (Alice Neiley) of "365" (original song a day for a year) Vol. 4 (pdf)


Album review (James McQuiston Neufutur) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 13 Favourites 


Chill Me Now - Song Review (Matthew Forss-USA)



Boulimique de Musique

'Ponder This'.......An electronic composition that combines as many elements from the Ambient universe, experimental Jazz, New-Age music and Trip-Hop. This juxtaposition of musical styles gives mostly instrumental tracks, with the exception of male and female vocalizations, an atmosphere that is both stimulating and soothing. Fans seeking a refined sound are served with this beautiful work............ Sept 2020

watch the youtube video HERE


Album Review (Dan Macintosh) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 18 Chill'd


Chill Me Now - Music Video Review (James McQuiston Neufutur)


....Galliano Sommavilla’s incredible musical endeavor “365 Original Songs in a Year” is a phenomenal concept and creative feat. From May 6, 2013 through May 5, 2014 the Australian pianist released one new song daily available for upload. Presently, these recordings are in the process of being remixed, remastered and cataloged into bite-sized collections. Vol. 13 Favourites is only three percent of a year’s worth of music......

Album Review (Kelly O'Neil) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 13 Favourites


......And The Earth Stood Still is another solo piano track. It’s not the only one on this album, nor does it stand alone in its level of skill or impressive nature of the composition itself. But this track just radiates emotion of the highest intensity, brought to life by some of the most impressive piano playing we’ve ever been fortunate enough to listen to. Dramatic is in fact hardly an emotive enough word to describe it.  It combines an impeccable level of complexity and simplicity, accentuating both the softer and more pronounced moments flawlessly. Despite this being the performance by just a single instrument, it conjures feelings of silver-screen apexes and heroic tales, of epic stories coming to equally epic conclusions where good triumphs over evil, and peace is restored to the world. This track, without question, belongs in a movie.............

The Ark Of Music Review for 'Rain in my Bathtub'

read the FULL review HERE


Album Review (Matthew Forss) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 18 Chill'd


Album Review (Alice Neiley) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 18 Chill'd


Album Review (Dan Macintosh) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 18 Chill'd


Album Review (Alex Henderson) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 16 Chill, World and Downtempo


Album Review (Alice Neiley) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 16 Chill, World and DownTempo


Album Review (Matthew Forss) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 16 Chill, World and Downtempo


Album Review (Alice Neiley) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol 4. Orchestral Vibe


Neu Futur Galliano Sommavilla Interview (2015)


Article in ASA (Australian Songwriters Association) April 2016     pages 21-23


Album Review (Matthew Forss / Inside World Music) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 30 Ambient and Mellow


...That’s one of the most wonderful things about Galliano’s music – it is always reminding us of things, just vaguely enough to put the image in your head, before pulling back and allowing you to wander and fill in all the gaps. It’s a unique gift to be able to give people – the ability to call personal images to mind simply through the power of sound. The Homecoming is yet another gorgeous testimony to Galliano Sommavilla‘s phenomenal production and writing skills. This might seem like a lot to write about one single song, but trust us when we say the beauty and complexity of this music makes it so very easy – one listen through his work yourself, and you’ll understand what we mean.......single review for 'The Homecoming' The Ark of Music September 2020

read the full review HERE


Album Review (Alice Neiley) for '365' (original song a day for a year) Vol. 10 Mixed 2


song reviews (by Alice Neiley, USA) for 'Elektro Country and 'Breathe'


song reviews (by Matthew Forss, USA) for 'Elektro Country and 'Breathe'



VDL (Victorian Drama League) adjudicators award  for original music composition in a play 'Sylvia'   (Cathouse Players Theatre Company)  December 2015
ASA (Australian Songwriters Association) Songwriting Contest -  Top 10 for 'Maryannes Paris' Instrumental category 2013
ASA (Australian Songwriters Association) Songwriting Contest -  Top 10 for 'Song/Day 352'  Instrumental category 2014




'A Romantic Interlude' - Music Award of Excellence - Ambient Instrumental

........'A technically elegant construction, 'A Romantic Interlude' is a carefully staged conjugation of production savvy and songwriting intuition - Galliano Sommavilla has a winner here.'.......Akademia Music Awards August 2018

'Cosmic Conversation' - Winner Best song - Ambient Instrumental

.......'Galliano Sommavilla has an obvious expertise for the genre; 'A Cosmic Conversation' is a timeless example of the craft, and credible evidence of compositional genius'.......Akademia Music Awards July 2018


'Song/Day 277 ..And So It Goes' - Winner for Best Song - Ambient Instrumental

.....'Galliano Sommavilla conceives time and tone in a way lesser humans can barely comprehend - 'Song/Day 277 'And So It Goes'' is an ambient instrumental masterpiece with a constantly arresting melody.'..... Akademia Music Awards April 2018

'Echoes' - Winner for Best Song - Ambient Instrumental

....'Echoes' is a fascinating experiment in melodic continuity, dexterously traversing the scales with an elusive glue of conjugation that redounds to a mesmerizing whole.'....... Akademia Music Awards  March 2018

'An Ethereal Landscape' - Winner for Best Song - Ambient Instrumental

...'We can only guess at the mental image 'An Ethereal Landscape' evoked for its author, but its flowing euphonies will surely arouse the imagination and stir new thoughts in any who hear it.'...... Akademia Music Awards  Feb 2018 


365 Original Song A day for a Year - Vol 1 - Winner for Best Album

...'365' Original Song A Day For A Year - Volume 1' is adventure music at its best, bravely abjuring the monotonous regime of reality to introduce us to a magical new realm of possibilities....'  Akademia Music Awards  December 2017


'Morning Doves' - Winner for Best Song - Ambient Instrumental

.......'Morning Doves' is a somber instrumental adventure, moving in waves and progressing from ambient to melodic in completely unique turns.'........Akademia Music Awards September 2017


'Just Breathe'  - Winner for Best Song - Ambient Instrumental

.......'Just Breathe' is a rare sort of transcendental groove that resonates on many levels - Galliano continues to surprise and amaze audiences.'....... Akademia Music Awards August 2017


'Fooftops Of The World' - Winner for Best Song -  Ambient Instrumental

......''This is ambient musical invention at its best, boldly abjuring the dull regime of reality to illustrate an exotic new realm of possibilities by sound alone.'..... Akademia Music Awards July 2017



'Pulse'  ( Winner for Best Song -  Ambient/Instrumental 

.........'Galliano Sommavilla's tour de force amalgamation of debonair ambient signals and exultant dance beats yields a track which will liven up any party place.'.........  Akademia Music Awards May 2017

Winner for Best Album - Ambient/Instrumental  for 'Breathe'

'..Galliano Sommavilla's instrumental work is marvelously wrought, not just technically, but in its patient sensitivity to space and cadence - you will be hard pressed to find a more nuanced practitioner, and this album captures an important artistic period.'.......  Akademia Music Awards March 2017


'Song/Day 111' - Winner for Best Song - Ambient/Instrumental 

'...Galliano Sommavilla delivers an ethereal, tribal, atmospheric interpretation full of mystery and danger, featuring gorgeous strings and an infectious rhythm.'....... Akademia Music Awards February 2017


Akademia Music Awards Ambient Instrumental Artist Of The Year 2016 awarded to Galliano Sommavilla (Pasadena, California April 21 2016)