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MusicbyGalliano 'Licensing' will launch in late 2021


A compelling journey on thoughts and emotions, drawn from a plethora of instrumental veins, boasting hints anywhere from ambient, downtempo, chill, world, electronica, experimental, soundscape, soundtrack, soft jazz, pop, new age, solo piano and more.


 A multi-genre, multi-use catalogue of original instrumental music available for instant licensing, purchase and pleasure enjoyment. A select collection of handcrafted music ready for immediate use.
Galliano is also at the ready to compose, arrange and record new commissioned works, genre specific.

The cornerstone of this personal  and unique business will be to to provide a calibre of professional and bespoke custom designed music, unique to you, the customer.


At every level, provide the most suitable soundtrack to match your visual representation. Perfect for content creators.


This is Story telling music.


Inspired background instrumental music for film, television, documentary project, branding, commercial, Youtube video, drone footage, presentations and much more.


One Owner. One Store. One Composer. One Stop.


Thank you for considering and welcome to MusicbyGallianoLicensing


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